Bloomfield, Connecticut Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are interested in the current demographics of Bloomfield City, you may be wondering where the population is concentrated. You can find the median household income in the city at $35,000. The area also has a low poverty rate. Here is the latest population and steets data for Bloomfield City. The latest Bloomfield city census was conducted in 2020. It shows that there are 18,577 households in Bloomfield, with 91% of those residents living in the same house they did last year. The town is primarily white with just under half being African-American. Hispanic and Latino people make up the rest, and a quarter are foreign-born.

The town of Bloomfield is located in Central Connecticut, approximately 10 minutes west of Hartford. It is a major trading center for a 30-plus-mile trade area. In January of 2019, the area was devastated by a historic flood, destroying homes, businesses, and farms. It is still being rebuilt, but a new scenic route connects Niobrara, Iowa to the city of Bloomfield. This new route also connects Bloomfield with Niobrara State Park and the Ponca Tribe Earth Lodge.

One measure of poverty is the rent burden. This measure measures the percentage of the population that lives below the poverty line. A lower number indicates a more prosperous society. In Bloomfield, the poverty rate is 15.9%, while the national average is 8.7%. By contrast, neighboring cities like Madison and Wakonda have much lower poverty rates. The median gross rent is $514 per month in Bloomfield.