Cheshire, Connecticut Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When it comes to determining the demographics of your target audience, Population & Steets in Chechester City are critical. You'll find out how many people live in a neighborhood, and you can use this information to determine whether you should target a specific demographic. In Cheshire, Oregon, the majority of people are white, with just 0.3% black or Hispanic residents. The median household income is $51,154, and the average household income is $61,838.

The city is home to the NEW ENGLAND BANK, with a branch at 286 Maple Avenue and another in Enfield, CT. The bank has 15 offices in total and is owned by New England Bancshares, Inc. Located in Cheshire, Connecticut, is home to medal-winning inventor Michael Chasen, who co-founded Blackboard Inc. and ClassEDU. Residents of Cheshire can explore local history at the Cheshire Public Library. The First Congregational Church hosts the Strawberry Festival each year, and is the town's official symbol.

Route 10 is the main artery through Cheshire, with numerous stoplights and congested areas. It is the busiest road in the town, especially between Routes 42 and 68/70. Traffic on Route 10 is worst in the morning and after high school, as the school day ends and the traffic picks up. This information is vital for determining the size of Cheshire. You should also be aware of the town's public schools, which are located in this area.