North Branford, Connecticut Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When researching the population and steets in North Branford City, it can help to have a better understanding of how the community is structured. For example, you can check out the percentage of people under twenty years old, or the number of retirees in an area. You can also find out the median income for a given area, as well as its median age. This is useful for deciding which housing projects to invest in.

Compared to other Connecticut cities, North Branford has a lower population density. The town is located in New Haven County, and has a population density of around 14,400 people per square mile. That is lower than the state and national average. In fact, North Branford is only one-fifth as dense as the neighboring North Haven CDP, which has a population density of 6,976 per square mile.

The area around Lake Gaillard serves as a reservoir for the area. North Branford was founded in 1831 and grew as a manufacturing town after Maltby Fowler opened a button-making shop. He was followed by his sons, who went on to develop a number of machines. North Branford has an abundant supply of trap rock, which made quarrying an industry that grew quickly. However, the city's current manufacturing sector focuses on electronics and other technology.