Terryville, Connecticut Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Looking for the Population & Steets in Terryvill City, Connecticut? Use this useful resource to get the statistics you need. Get to know Terryville's people, housing market, and schools. Also, find out the median home price in the city. The median home price in Terryville is $221,700, and over the last ten years, it has appreciated by 3.6%.

The first school house was built on the bend of Terryville Road. This was originally a Baptist church that was relocated from Yaphank. It still stands today. The first teacher was Miss Sarah Jones. In 1907, an addition was built, allowing for two teachers. In 1921, a third teacher was hired to teach classes in the back of Marsh's Drug store. Today, the school has an excellent infrastructure and is home to two schools.

The site is zoned J2, but the owner proposes a two-story medical office building. Although a medical office is the ideal use for the property, curb cuts near an intersection would pose a traffic hazard. In addition, the State takes does not allow for a deceleration lane or turning lane. As a result, the town is facing the possibility of a lawsuit that could lead to the closure of the site.

The population of Terryville City is based on information from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2019 American Community Survey. This information is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. You should confirm the data with a professional before relying on any statistics. Please consider the age range and family size of your potential new neighbors. There are many things to do in Terryville, and here is the most important thing to remember: it's not too late to make changes in your life.