Harrington, Delaware Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

To determine the right target market, you should first find out the population sate in Harrington City, Delaware. The demographics of the city show that approximately 43% of the people reside in the White race, while another 20% are African Americans. Of those that do not belong to a white race, 2.9% are Hispanic. The median household income of the city is $45,433, and the average household income is $54,533. Among the different characteristics of the population in Harrington, the percentage of people who are Black is higher than the state average, as are the percentages of foreign-born and white-collar workers.

The majority of people in America are considered to be in the middle class. According to the census, thirty-one percent earn between $7,500 and $14,999, while seven percent earn over $15,000. It is interesting to note that these statistics are often ignored, as people in the upper class are usually unaware of the existence of mass poverty in their communities. Those in high-paid positions, such as doctors and lawyers, are unaware of the existence of mass poverty.