Millville, Delaware Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Millville City, NJ is just under 57,000, a number that's slightly higher than the state average. Moreover, the city's vacancy rate is 15.8%, a figure that's higher than 78.0% of the nation's neighborhoods. Nevertheless, the vacancy rate in Millville might indicate a weak demand for real estate in the area, as most residents are renters. Moreover, most homes in the City Center are older, and many of them were built between 1940 and 1969.

The city's diversity in racial makeup is also apparent. Nearly 85% of the population is Puerto Rican. Similarly, there are five percent of residents with Portuguese ancestry. Meanwhile, 12.9% of residents are Polish speakers, a number out of proportion to 99.0% of other neighborhoods in the country. Whether you're planning a family trip or simply want to enjoy the local cuisine, the city's population is diverse and rich in diversity.

While most residents commute to work by private car, quite a few walk or bike to work. According to census data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household size was 3.65 people and the median family size was 2.15. This means that most people live alone, although there are older residents as well. This neighborhood also has a lower per capita income than most other neighborhoods, but still has a high rate of single-parent households.

The town has several schools that serve local residents. The nearest Catholic school is St. Joseph High School, which is scheduled to close its doors in 2020. There are also several colleges in the city, including Rowan College of South Jersey Cumberland Campus. Despite the fact that the city borders Vineland, the town's public library and community college are located within its city limits. In addition, the Millville Public Library are both located within the city limits.