Milton, Delaware Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The United States Census Bureau will soon release data on Milton's population and its corresponding steets. The figures will show that the number of residents under the age of 18 is decreasing. Meanwhile, the population of people in the 25-44 age group is increasing. Milton will have a lower median household income than the county overall. There will be three to five changes to the population of Milton in the next five years.

The downtown community redevelopment area consists of residential, commercial, and public land uses, with a small percentage of vacant land. The boundaries of this CBD area include Berryhill Street, Walton Street, Pine Street, U.S. Highway 90, and Wiling Street. In addition, the Downtown Community Redevelopment Area encompasses the area between Berryhill and Walton streets and the Blackwater River.

In Milton, a Traditional Neighborhood District was created by the city to regulate growth and development. The plan was prepared to amend an original Community Redevelopment Area Plan established in 1982. By defining the Traditional Neighborhood District as a compact, traditional community, Milton can make decisions based on the principles of a small town. The DCRA will help Milton control growth and development. For more information, visit the DCRA's website.