Woodside, Delaware Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What are the Population & Steets in Woodside City? This article answers this question and many more. First, let's look at the population. Woodside is a residential neighborhood in western Queens. The city was once a small hamlet in Concord, New York. The city is now part of Erie County and borders the neighboring cities of Sunnyside, Maspeth, and Astoria. Woodside's main street is Roosevelt Avenue.

The community's profile describes the neighborhood as a district of single-family houses, small apartment buildings, and little industry. The population had declined significantly since the 1920s, but authors anticipated that improved transit and a new shopping center would attract new residents. The census reported that there were 2,159 single-family houses, 985 double-family homes, and 868 multi-family houses. A city-wide aerial survey was taken in 1924.

The early residents of Woodside were largely Germanic, but there were also working-class families who were Catholic. They sought better housing options within their means. In the early twentieth century, the Woodside Catholic church, St. Paul's, was built, representing the dominant faith among residents. In addition to Germanic families, working-class residents were encouraged to attend the church. As a result, it was a large church, with many members.

The median household income in Woodside/Sunnyside is $67,358, with 20.7% of the population identifying as African-American, Hispanic, and white. The median income in Woodside/Sunnyside is $85,030, which is equal to the city-wide and borough-wide rent burdens. The median age of Woodside/Sunnyside residents is 39.