Largo, Florida Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're wondering how to get a hold of the population and stats for Largo City, Florida, this article is for you. With an estimated population of 72,000, Largo is a lively community with notable residents including singer Chloe Lowery and PGA golfer Michael Bradley. With a population of over 72,000, Largo is one of the most densely populated cities in Florida.

When you're looking to buy a home, you'll want to make sure you know the median home and rental prices. Using the Census and ESRI databases, you'll find that the number of renter-occupied housing units has increased by 1% from 2015 to 2016. You'll also be able to find data for nearby cities like Forestville and Camp Springs, both of which have a population of over 1,000. Additionally, Largo has 63 evictions last year, which is significantly higher than the national average.

Located in Tampa Bay, Largo is a thriving city. Homebuyers and residents alike can enjoy the beautiful weather and convenient transportation options. The city's population is a diverse mix of white and black residents, with minor populations of Hispanics and Asians. Largo's demographics are mostly Caucasian, with 78% of residents being White, while just 12% are Hispanics. The gender ratio is heavily skewed towards women.

The climate in Largo is milder than the rest of the state. Winters are mild and temperatures remain at or below freezing. The city receives most of its rainfall during the summer months, when the sea breeze carries moisture from the Gulf inland. The record low in Largo is 22 degF (-6 degrees C) on December 13, 1962, and the highest temperature was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit on July 5, 1995.