San Pierre, Indiana Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of San Pierre is approximately 125.3% white, 0.5% black, and 0.0% Hispanic, with the remaining 0.9 percent being non-native. San Pierre has a median household income of $55,922, and the highest concentration of people living below the federal poverty line is among the White race. This community also has an average age of thirty-four, with males the oldest and females the youngest. Most residents of San Pierre are married, and the most common occupations are construction and extraction workers, temporary workers, and architects & engineers.

The population of San Pierre is largely educated, with 57% of people completing a college degree and 30 percent completing a graduate, professional, or doctoral degree. The town's labor force is split into three broad categories: white-collar jobs, blue-collar jobs, and service-related occupations. The population of San Pierre has a balanced mix of blue-collar and white-collar jobs.

The Saint Pierre metropolis sends different resources to the town to help with the growing population. There are countless acts of looting in the city. In response to the ongoing looting, the State commission has been tasked with recovering jewels from corpses and returning them to their families. Additionally, people come to the city to steal statues, fountains, and marble. Some even steal cannons.

San Pierre, IN is a town of 63 residents, and its population is fairly well-distributed. The population is spread out, with males outnumbering females by 95:1. The average household size is 2.93, and the median household income is $36,250. This is slightly below the national average. San Pierre, IN's population is largely comprised of households that are dominated by individuals or non-families.