Union Mills, Indiana Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

There are several things to consider about the Population & Steets in Union (Mills) City, NJ. This neighborhood is home to diverse ethnic groups and languages, but its residents overwhelmingly speak English at home. Approximately 80 percent of households are English-speaking, while some residents also speak Tagalog, the first language of the Philippine region. Here's a look at the population breakdown by neighborhood.

The population of this neighborhood is diverse, but the majority of people identify as German, English, Irish, Scottish, or Norwegian. More people of German, Irish, and Scottish ancestry live in Union Mills than in 99.7% of American neighborhoods. Although the neighborhood is predominantly white, the ethnic diversity is quite diverse, as is the socioeconomic status of the residents. The population of Union Mills City is highly diverse, with many different ethnic groups represented by a number of sub-sectors.

The median real estate price in Union Mill is $376,141, which is lower than the national median of 100.0%. This may be indicative of a high demand for real estate in Union Mill, despite existing zoning restrictions and existing density. Union Mill has a low vacancy rate, which indicates that there is limited supply compared to demand. Although Union Mill has a relatively low poverty rate, it still stands out among other neighborhoods in the United States.