Allensville, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When you're considering moving to Allensville City, IN, you'll want to know the population and satets of the city. Here are some facts about the area:

The city has a low population density near recreational areas, such as parks and major airports. Since the city is small, the crime rate may seem higher than it actually is, especially in the area's safer areas. But the same rule applies in Allensville - crime happens where people are. So what makes the city so safe? The answer might surprise you. Here's how to find the answer to this question.

Most of Allensville's residents are white, but there are some minority groups. For example, 40.7% of residents work in the local Denny Store, which is a large grocery store. The Allensville/Denny Store neighborhood has a higher proportion of residents with Ukrainian ancestry than any other neighborhood in the city. The Allensville / Denny Store neighborhood also contains more people who identify themselves as working professionals than most other neighborhoods in the United States.

Compared to the average United States, the Allensville city population has an average income of $28,125. The poverty rate in Allensville is a surprisingly low 3.1%. In fact, the city's median income is nearly as high as the Kentucky average. So, how much does the population of Allensville, KY earn? You can check out Allensville's median household income data and learn more about the city's socioeconomic status.