Beattyville, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

For decades, Beattyville has been a small town that felt like a prison to young people. The resulting lack of opportunity in the area was a barrier to a good education for young people. The residents of Beattyville blame one man for this bleak picture. But now, a new mayor is working hard to change that. His top priority is internet access. Let's see how he will achieve this.

The population of Beattyville, KY was 40.2 in 2019; this is up from 38 in 2018. Native-born residents were older. However, the median age among foreign-born residents in Beattyville is only slightly higher than that of native-born citizens. The most common birthplace for foreign-born residents of Kentucky was Mexico, while India and Cuba were the next most popular. While this trend is a bit discouraging, the overall statistics show that Beattyville's population is gaining a stronger economic foothold each year.

Beattyville, Kentucky has had its share of struggles. The drug epidemic has changed the landscape of the small town. The buildings, once gleaming with prosperity, are now ghost shops. In addition to the decaying infrastructure, the Main Street has ghost shops. Residents like Cynthia Jennings are struggling in their lives - she shared her story at a food bank in the town. It was a heartbreaking story about poverty and addiction.

Beattyville is a small city that is ranked 103rd in the number of foreign-born residents. Its population is less than three-fourths the size of the entire state of Kentucky. However, it has the highest percent of foreign-born population amongst its neighboring cities, Irvine. However, Beattyville's population is still below the national average of 13.5%.