Bimble, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Did you know that the population of Bimble is extremely diverse? Its age demographics reflect this. Twenty-four percent of the city's residents were under the age of 18 while fifteen percent were in the twenties through twenty-four. Twenty-five percent of its residents were between the ages of twenty-four and forty-four. One-third of the population was 65 years old or older. The median age of the population of Bimble is 44 years old, which is a bit older than the national median age of 38.1. The male population in Bimble is roughly eighty-two percent of the population. Of those who were age eighteen and older, there were one hundred and seventy-two males for every one hundred and eighty-two females.

The bimble area's demographics may help you determine your target audience. While the population of Bimble is predominantly white, the area also contains 0.1% of black people and 0.8% of Hispanics. Home ownership rates and median household income are also helpful indicators of how you can assess your target audience's demographics. Bimble residents have a median household income of $32,368 and an average of $39,525. In addition, you can find out about their educational background. In Bimble, Kentucky, residents have a 65% high school graduation rate, but a third of them have dropped out of college.

According to census data, the population of Bimble is 643 people, down by 24.9% since 2020. The median home value is $110,100, and the appreciation in real estate over the past ten years is 0.8%. If you want to know if Bimble is a safe place to live, consider a few other factors. Its crime rate is low in northeastern neighborhoods, but it can be high in the south.