Bremen, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following table displays the Population & Steets in Bremen, GA. The population of Bremen, GA is 6.39k, with a median age of 31 and a median household income of $57,120. The population has increased from the previous year, with a growth of 3.3%. The median household income also declined, from $60,142 to $57,120. The five largest racial or ethnic groups in Bremen are White (Hispanic), Two+ (Non-Hispanic), Two+ (NonHispanic), Asian, and Other Race. The city is home to a small minority of non-English speakers (less than 1%), but is otherwise a multicultural community.

The population of Bremen, North Dakota is largely composed of white, or Asian, people. About 67% of residents are college graduates. Just over 1% have a master's or doctorate degree. The main occupations of Bremen's residents are listed below. These workers are in three categories: service industry, blue-collar, and white-collar roles. Some of them are even enrolled in medical schools.

The city is a small oval, surrounded by the Weser River on the southwest and the Wallgraben on the northeast. The oldest part of Bremen is the southeast half of the Altstadt. It is centered on the Marktplatz, which is at the end of the Schnoor quarter. Historically, Bremen was part of the Holy Roman Empire, but after the Thirty Years War, Bremen lost its autonomy.