Carlisle, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

For anyone interested in the population of Carlisle City, Pennsylvania, a quick search on the Internet will yield the information you're looking for. In Carlisle, 97.6% of people are white, with small populations of black, mixed, and South Asian. The city has been becoming more diverse in recent years, and the population was 99.7% white in 2001. The city is almost 80% Christian, though there are also smaller populations of Muslims, Hindu, and others. Nearly 8% of residents did not answer the question at all. People in Carlisle City are employed in manufacturing and retail industries.

In addition to the city's government, Carlisle is home to two parliamentary districts in the United Kingdom. Carlisle and Penrith and The Border are both held by the Conservative Party. Carlisle City Council consists of 39 councillors elected by residents. Those elected are responsible for overseeing the city's development. The population of Carlisle City is approximately 108,400, and has grown steadily since its incorporation into the city.

As for the population of Carlisle, the city has an average household income of $26,607 per year. The poverty rate in Carlisle is 3.7 percent. It is the second lowest in Pennsylvania. Overall, Carlisle has a diverse economic makeup. Most residents live in affluent areas. However, those living in lower-income neighborhoods may be disadvantaged by poor school districts.