Chavies, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

This article outlines the Crime Grade, or safety grade, of different neighborhoods in Chavies City. Red areas indicate areas where crime is most likely to occur, while yellow and green neighborhoods are more safe for the general public. The Crime Grade map displays crime rates by type and severity. For example, a C+ grade means Chavies City is as safe as the average US city. In other words, Chavies is safer than 49% of the US population. However, Chavies is slightly safer than nearby cities.

The Population & Steets in Chabies City are a bit mixed. Of the total number of people living in the city, 8583 of them are families. Chavies is made up of two main types of households: married-couple households (63%) and single-person households (47%) and single-parent families (32%). Moreover, there are 469 single mothers and 1,480 widowed men, which means that Chavies is home to a mixed mix of races.

Aside from being a crowded city, Chavies also has low education levels. Only one in ten people over 25 in the city is self-educated. The population of Chavies City is mostly married couples, with an average income of $44,258 per person. The national average for the United States is $70,000, but that figure is misleading because there are a lot of high-income people earning $50 million a year.