Dorton, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you looking for the Population & Steets in Dortont City? If so, you've come to the right place! Here are the stats to help you decide where to live. If you're a new resident, or just want to know more about the city, here are some helpful stats. First, check out the robbery rate in each neighborhood. In Dorton, the rate is about one robbery per thousand people. However, crime is higher in the west end of the city.

Next, you'll find out how diverse the area is. The map below shows the percentage of each race in each neighborhood. The color of the dots indicate whether the area is predominantly white, black, or another race. Darker shades indicate that a larger racial majority lives in the area. Also, you can check the diversity of the area by visiting the Dorton city diversity page. Areas in green are more diverse than red ones. This means that there's a mix of races in that area.

The Dwarves are also present in Dorton City. They're the minority race but play an important role for Humankind. They've never been conquered, but their hardy nature makes them often regarded as brutish. Dorton is ruled by the Dor dynasty, a Dwarven clan that has ruled Dorton for thousands of years. They're adored by the Dwarven population. They are well respected by the Queen and have a huge say in city politics.