Eighty Eight, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Want to know the population and steets of Eighty-Eight City, KY? Then read on! There are plenty of things to see and do around the area. You'll find a list of the surrounding towns below. Find out which cities are close to Eighty-Eight City. We've listed the nearest big cities and smaller towns, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

The unincorporated community of Eighty-Eight is located in Barren County, Kentucky and is part of the Glasgow Micropolitan Statistical Area. Eighty-Eight is best known for its annual August 8 celebration, during which people from all over the world celebrated their affinity for the number eight. In 2008, a similar celebration was held but was overshadowed by the Summer Olympics. The population of Eighty-Eight City is just under 100,000.