Ekron, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Ekron, known in Arabic as Qidron, is located on the eastern shore of the coastal plain of Israel. It is located three miles south of Mazkeret Batya. There are several ancient sites nearby, including an inscription discovered in 1996. Today, the city is a hub of Jewish activity. It is also a center of the thriving Ekron cultural and linguistic scene.

In addition to being a vibrant city with a strong history, Ekron has a diverse population. The population is approximately 5.1% smaller than Kentucky, but is still large enough to support a strong economy. The population of Ekron is mostly single. A high percentage of people in the city are college students. There are a few large universities in the area, but not nearly as many as those in neighboring cities.

The town is divided into several neighborhoods. Maple Valley encompasses the western portion of Copley Road and ends near Interstate 77. Among the most notable neighborhoods are University Park and Spicertown. Spicertown is home to several historic buildings. The West Hill neighborhood is bounded by West Market Street on the north, West Exchange Street on the south, and Downtown on the east. It includes a historic district known as Oakdale.

The population of Ekron is approximately one hundred and seventy. It is home to many Iraq and Gulf War veterans. The average income for males in Ekron, KY is $44,437 compared to the average for Kentucky. The income inequality rate is 0.456, which is below the national average. The largest industries in Ekron are Accommodation & Food Services and Health Care & Social Assistance, while Construction employs seventeen. Public Administration, Manufacturing, and Construction are the three industries with the highest median earnings in Ekron, KY.