Erlanger, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are looking for a community that is growing quickly, the population of Erlanger City is a good fit for you. This city is a growing metropolis, so if you are looking for an excellent place to live, you will want to look at the Steets & Population of Erlanger City. The following map will help you determine the population of the city.

The Erlanger area is home to a diverse population. The city is relatively affordable compared to many other cities. The median cost of living in Erlanger is below the national average, and a good part of the city is affordable for people on a budget. Utility bills, groceries, and transportation are all considerably cheaper than in many other cities in the state. Overall, this community is a great place to live.

The City Center neighborhood is home to many ethnicities. The majority of people living in the City Center are English, Scottish, and German. There are other ethnic groups, such as Italian, Greek, and Polish. There are also a few other minorities, including Jews, who make up about 3% of the population. In addition to the ethnic composition of the neighborhood, the City Center has the highest concentration of American-born residents.

The Steets & Population of Erlanger, KY is 18,368. It is a home rule-class city located in the Cincinnati-Middletown metropolitan area. Founded in the 1880s, Erlanger is named after the Parisian family bank owned by Baron Frederic Emile d'Erlanger. The city was named after a Parisian banker who helped finance the town's early development. Originally, South Erlanger was known as South Erlanger.