Falmouth, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Falmouth is 62.2, which is the median age for both native-born and foreign-born residents. In 2018, the average age for citizens was 62. The most common place of birth for foreign-born residents was China, followed by the Dominican Republic and Brazil. While there are no official statistics about the sex makeup of Falmouth's residents, the average age is still higher than that of the state of Massachusetts.

Among the racial groups in Falmouth, Massachusetts, most reside in white households. African Americans make up a small percentage of the population. However, these groups earn much less than the national average, so income inequality is a significant issue in Falmouth. Below are some facts about the median household income in Falmouth, MA. It is important to note that the median household income in Falmouth is slightly lower than the state's, and is slightly higher than that of its parent and neighboring geographies.

The Cumberland-Falmouth metropolitan area is similar, but more suburban in aesthetic and a more rural feel. However, Falmouth City is a strong third option, separated by Highway 295, which connects residents to Portland and Brunswick in less than an hour. Falmouth shares its easternmost point with Highland Lake, which gives residents endless opportunities for the outdoors. This city's population is twelve thousand, with an increase of 7.1% since 2020.