Ferguson, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Ferguson City, Missouri, population is 11,301 and just over 25 percent non-white. The majority of non-whites are reported as "other" or "multiracial." African American and Native American residents account for approximately 2 percent and one percent of the total population, respectively. Moreover, the leadership of Ferguson is still overwhelmingly white. This may explain why the city is still considered the "Racial Mecca of Missouri."

The suburbs are typically not as poor as inner cities. In fact, urban areas are home to more poor people than those living in the suburbs. However, perceptions of poverty have not caught up with the shifting geography of poverty. While rich suburbs offer less opportunity to the poor, many of these people lack access to social services. That's why, in Ferguson City and other inner cities, poverty is a growing issue.