Florence, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Florence City's population is estimated at around 400,000 people. However, that number soon fell below 400,000 people. The population is a mix of residents of different age groups, and many people live in the city for multiple reasons. Here are some facts about Florence's population. It's important to understand how many people live in Florence because it will help you determine the area's economic future. The Florence City population is based on data from the United States Census Bureau.

In the nineteenth century, Florence's economy was largely driven by cotton and the railroad. Soon, bright leaf tobacco became the dominant crop in the city. The railroad remained the backbone of the local economy. In the late nineteenth century, the African American population accounted for about 47 percent of Florence's population. The city also built a new civic center and ice hockey team, the Freedom Florence. It also established a college in the city in the 1970s, supplemental to the Florence-Darlington Technical College.

The city's railway traffic peaked in the early twentieth century, while the country focused on World War I. The city also began to develop culturally in the 1920s, opening public schools and a museum. Following World War II, Florence expanded westward and reached an area of almost ten square miles. As the railroads became less important, Florence's population tripled. In the twentieth century, Florence was a regional hub of health care, trade, and tourism.