Garfield, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Population & Steets in Garfild City, New Jersey is a bit confusing to understand. You'll find out in this article. It's a city in Bergen County, which is a large part of New Jersey. The population of Garfield is approximately 31,641 and is growing. However, you won't find much information on its actual population. For that matter, you might not be able to find the population of Garfield City, because it's not listed in the population statistics.

The average household in Garfield City is headed by a married couple. In fact, it's 52%. Wood-Ridge has a higher percentage of married couples (87.6%), but the number of single-parent families is smaller than average in Garfield. Also, Garfield's household vacancy rate is slightly higher than the state average. Regardless, despite the low percentage of single parents, families in Garfield are generally relatively stable and the population is generally quite stable.

In Garfield, NJ, the median household income is $62,939. The highest percentile was Census Tract 212. The median household income was highest in Census Tract 212, and the lowest was Census Tract 221.

The population density of Garfield is around 30487 people per square mile. Compared to other cities, the city has the third-lowest population density in the greater Garfield area. The next lowest is Wallington, a town three-fourths the size of Garfield. Passaic has the highest population density in the region. These numbers might surprise you. The next time you go on a trip to Garfield, be sure to take a look at the population density!