Gulston, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What's the Population & Steets in Gularston City? Gulston's population is comprised of four different generations. The Boomer generation, the Silent generation, the GenX generation, and the Millennial generation vote more frequently for the republican party. Meanwhile, the younger generation tends to support the democrats. The median age in Gulston is 44.5, making it a bit older than the national average of 38.1. Consequently, Gulston voters are divided between the two major parties, with the republicans holding more of the state and federal seats.

Taking these statistics into account, it is easy to see that Gulston has a lower violent crime rate than other parts of the state. In some central neighborhoods, the rate of violent crime is 1 in 497, while it is 1 in 522 in the western part. While this comparison is not intuitive, the violent crime map for Gulston is easy to understand and resembles a population map from the state. This indicates that violent crime occurs more frequently in the southern part of Gulston, while it is lower in the west.