Hanson, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What are the Population & Steets of Hanson City? Here are some stats on Hanson's population. While Hanson is a relatively small community, the quality of housing is fairly high, which has both advantages and disadvantages for the Town. Housing is moderately priced, which is good for the Town, but may hurt its economic development. Hanson also lacks bicycle and pedestrian ways.

The housing market in Hanson mirrors the rest of the subregion, with more than half of the inventory built before 1960. Similarly, the pace of housing construction is similar to the rest of the region. There are a lot of potential housing sites in Hanson, but it's important to consider the local housing market before rushing to build. The goal is to create a community that's affordable and livable for all residents, regardless of income or circumstance.

The population of Hanson is around 3,596 people. A household is defined as a single individual, married couple, or single-parent family. A family is defined as two or more people. The housing in Hanson is primarily detached single-family homes. The city has a higher percentage of family households than any other community in the South Subregion. Most households don't have children under the age of eighteen.

Compared to the surrounding towns, the housing market in Hanson is reasonably affordable. According to the Worst Case Housing Needs 2017 report, 57 percent of Hanson residents spend more than 30% of their income on housing. Moreover, the median income in Hanson is higher than the median income in Massachusetts, indicating that residents' income is more equal than in other communities. However, residents of Hanson are disproportionately white.