Island, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You'll find several places called "Island City" on a map. Although it's not the official name of the city, it is the one designated by the US Postal Service (USPS). This is because the ZIP code for Island City can be any of a number of things, including a city, a town, or even a village school. The area code for Island City is "A", which means it's acceptable for mailing purposes. While it's not the most widely used zip code in the area, it does group many nearby towns together under the same ZIP code.

In Island City, the population is approximately 1,186. The median household income is $53,750. The area has a low poverty rate of 1.37%. There are fewer than a dozen vacant properties per thousand residents. Evictions are also lower in Island City than in nearby communities such as Waitsburg, Enterprise, and New York City. This is an important economic indicator, and one that you should check out if you're thinking of moving to the area.

Long Island's diversity is not as homogenous as it was in the past. While the city's white population decreased significantly after WWII, the percentage of residents of non-Caucasian heritage has more than doubled since 1990. More importantly, the number of immigrants is increasing rapidly - more than 60 percent of residents are foreign-born, and one in three Long Islanders is Asian. The growth in diversity has been fast and furious.