Jeffersonvlle, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

In 1870, nearly one-third of the city's population was foreign-born, primarily from Germany. While the city enjoyed a reputation for anti-Klan laws, it was often a center of Ku Klux Klan activity. In fact, the area had the highest number of Ku Klux Klan members of any other city in the country in the 1920s, and even though it remained a small city, its large immigrant population resulted in a relatively low level of crime.

Jeffersonville's growth began in the late seventeenth century, and the city was named after President Thomas Jefferson in 1801. The downtown area is centered around Spring Street, which was originally an old military post. The Jeffersonville Quartermaster Intermediate Depot was founded nearby during the Civil War. By 1871, operations grew to encompass nearly four square blocks. This depot remains in use today. Another historical landmark is the Big Four Station, which opened in 2014.

The area is home to many notable figures, including Travis Meeks, a singer and guitarist. Duane Roland, the co-founder of Molly Hatchet, was born in the city. Former New York senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan spent part of his childhood in Jeffersonville. In addition, the actress Natalie West lived in the city. The Wathen family has a rich history in the city, with Richard B. Wathen representing the state's House of Representatives from 1973 until 1990. Wathen's family grew in Jeffersonville and named a neighborhood after the Wathens. William Branham, an evangelist, lived in Jeffersonville, and his church, the Branham Tabernacle, still stands today at 8th and Penn Streets.

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