Keene, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Despite a moderately diverse population, the city of Keene in New Hampshire is largely White. According to the 2010 census, 93% of Keene residents were White. The city also has a relatively low commute time, at 16 minutes versus the national average of 26 minutes. In the city of Keene, the majority of people commute to work by car. This is not surprising, considering that Keene is a relatively small town, with just over 23,500 people living in Keene.

While there are many people who drive to work, the majority of people who live in Keene are middle-class. Most respondents live in households with incomes over $45,850. Moreover, most of the people living in Keene own at least one vehicle. Only 7% of the population are from low-income households. Furthermore, a survey revealed that twenty-five percent of the residents would use Keene transit service, but only two percent actually used it.

Despite the city's decline in manufacturing, Keene still enjoys a rich history. The town had a railroad shop complex and two yards, though the Manchester & Keene Branch was subsequently abandoned due to floods in 1936. The city was a stop for the Boston & Maine streamlined trainset in 1945. In 1962, the city was chosen as the location of Steamtown, U.S.A. attraction.