Kettle Island, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

How safe is Kettle Island? You can get a feel for the community's safety with our crime map. You'll see the crime rate per resident and per day visitor. It's not always intuitive to compare crime rates by neighborhood, so we created a crime map to show a simple count, which closely resembles a population map. The crime map for Kettle Island shows an average of 28 crimes per year in northeast neighborhoods, and one crime a day in northwest neighborhoods.

This small town is located in Kentucky. The area is filled with small towns and large cities. You can find a lot of information on Kettle Island City by browsing our list of nearby cities and towns. We've listed cities within 100 miles, fifty miles, and thirty miles of Kettle Island so you can get a feel for where people live and work. Regardless of your preferences, we hope you'll visit us soon.

The Kettle Island amusement park didn't last long in the 19th century, but the area was once an idyllic summer resort with carnival games, merry-go-rounds, and song-and-dance shows. It was also home to a dance hall, baseball field, and boxing ring. The amusement park was eventually shut down, and the area has become a small tourist destination.