Langley, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Located in the northwestern corner of Vancouver, Langley City is bounded by the Trans-Canada Highway and the U.S. border. The city has its own set of streets and avenues, which are incremented every eight miles. Fraser Highway is the main thoroughfare, and it parallels several streets in Langley, including Douglas Crescent, Logan Avenue, and Old Yale Road. Douglas Park, which is a popular destination for city residents, runs parallel to the highway.

Langley City is a relatively prosperous area for new residents, and is home to a bustling commercial district. The city has six established residential neighbourhoods and over 300 acres of parkland. It also boasts a revitalized downtown and a major regional shopping centre. The city's stable growth rate of around one percent per year has helped Langley's economy to grow. Its proximity to Vancouver and the Fraser Valley makes it a desirable location for many developers and businesses.

The city has a stable economy and many small business owners find it an ideal place to start a new business. The city council promotes local businesses, and Langley's housing prices are lower than the Vancouver region. Families in Langley will be pleased with the city's education system. Langley City School District 35 has several good schools in the city, including Montessori and career-based options.