Mcveigh, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

McVeigh City, Oklahoma is a small town with a population of around 6,000 people. The city's population is predominantly white. Many residents own guns and are wary of the federal government. Some like to wear camouflage fatigues while running around town.

McVeigh was a member of the ARA. He also went by the nickname "Bob Kling" or "Tim". His attorney Stephen Jones conducted an interview with him in June of 2007. During the interview, he discussed his upcoming plans and stated that he would "do something big".

McVeigh first considered taking violent action against the federal government in the summer of 1992. He was inspired by a news report on a shootout between a federal agent and a survivalist in the Idaho woods. McVeigh began to consider a violent way to retaliate for this, and he became more aggressive.

McVeigh's plan to carry out the bombing was put on hold by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. On April 21, he was arrested about 80 miles north of Oklahoma City. An Oklahoma State Trooper noticed the missing license plate on McVeigh's Mercury Marquis and he was later arrested. He was also carrying a concealed weapon. As time went by, the evidence against him grew.

Timothy McVeigh, a former army buddy of Terry Nichols, was sentenced to death for his role in the bombing. The day of the bombing, he drove to Oklahoma City in a Mercury Marquis. He was accompanied by John Doe #2 and Nichols.