Mount Vernon, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Approximately 66% of the population in Mount Vernon City is native. The remaining 34% was foreign born. Most people in Mount Vernon commute by car. There are many public transportation options available. In Mount Vernon, residents own an average of one car. For more information about the population in Mount Vernon, you can view the city's demographics. The following are some facts and figures about Mount Vernon, NY.

The elevation at City Hall is 235 feet (72 m). The city is surrounded by water, including the Hudson River to the west and the Hutchinson River to the east. The Throgs Neck Bridge can be seen from a variety of parts of Mount Vernon, including the City Hall. Three high points in Mount Vernon are depicted on the city's seal. These are Trinity Place near Fourth Street, North 10th Street between Washington and Jefferson Place, and Mount Vernon East, which is located at the intersection of North Columbus Avenue and New York Route 22.

According to the 2010 Census, Mount Vernon had 26,260 households. Households in the city averaged 2.53 people. Eighty-two percent of households were family-type households, while 30.2% were husband-and-wife households. The rest of the population lived in nonfamily households, which included a majority of single persons. And seven percent of households in Mount Vernon were made up of non-relatives.