Mouthcard, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Mouthcard City is a small city in Kentucky, with a population of approximately 711 people and 266 households. The median housing value in the area is $59,107, and the average household size is 2.42. The city's estimated population growth rate is -9.6%, and it has a low homeownership rate of 6.19 people per 1,000 residents.

Mouthcard is located about 78 miles from the nearest big city. This makes it an ideal spot to visit if you are on a road trip. If you'd like to see more of the area, you can look up nearby towns and cities. Alternatively, you can search for cities that are a hundred miles away from Mouthcard.

Mouthcard City has a diverse population. The majority of residents are White, although there are also some Asian residents living here. The language spoken by the locals is English, although they also speak Spanish and Tagalog. While there are no native American groups, many people in the area have some Spanish or Asian ancestry.

The ZIP code for Mouthcard City is 41548. The city is part of the Pike county in Kentucky.