Mozelle, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Crime rates in Mozelle City are relatively low compared to the rest of the United States, and are as low as the national average. For example, the crime rate in the west is 1 in 26 while it's less than one in twenty-seven in the northeast. While it's not intuitive to compare crime rates, the table below shows a simple crime map that resembles the state population map. Using a basic crime map, the city's northeast area has a crime rate of four per year, while the west side of Mozelle only has four.

To find out what the gender ratio is in Mozelle, you can use Radaris. In this case, the city has 1,852 residents. Forty percent of the population is male, and sixty percent is female. This is well below the state average of 49.2% to fifty percent, but still lower than the national average. A good sign for diversity is that there are several racial groups living in the same city.

If you'd like to explore the surrounding areas, ZIP code 40858 is the perfect place to start. While there's no city located in this ZIP code, it is easy to get a general idea of the surrounding area. Just keep in mind that you'll find a variety of cities within 71 miles of Mozelle. When you're planning a road trip, knowing where to stay can save you a lot of trouble.