Napoleon, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are thinking of living in the area of Napoleon City, Ohio, you may be curious about the population & steets statistics. The area is home to a population of 8,851 people. To get a better understanding of the area's economic health, look at the poverty rate. This indicator shows how many people live below the poverty line in the community. The percentage of residents who are poor is higher among women, and it's higher among children than in any other age group.

The population of Napoleon City is largely comprised of native citizens, but about 17% are foreign-born. There are many different types of jobs available to the residents of this town. The majority of Napoleon residents are employed in the service industry, while the rest work in white-collar roles. Overall, the city has a low crime rate and a low number of natural disasters. Residents from other parts of the country live in the area, which makes it a good place to raise a family.

Reforestation and reclamation of farmland are two of Napoleon's programs. In the Gironde department, 10,000 square kilometers of moorland were drained and replanted. In the Landes forest, the largest maritime pine forest in Europe, there are more than a million pine trees. During the Restoration period, the city's money supply grew. New buildings were required to have a similar height and basic facade.