Ophir, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What Is the Population & Steets of Ophir City? The population of Ophir is 50 people. This small town, located on the SH85 near Ranfurly, was once a bustling and prosperous town. Before the earthquake, Ophir had 12 dance halls, 40 saloons, 1 jail, 5 churches, and two women of ill repute. However, three accidental fires wiped out most of the town's buildings. Today, Ophir is home to a fire station, a school, two businesses, and 600 sheep, 500 cows, 200 chickens, and 5 donkeys.

This small town is a reconstructed ghost town, and it was once a thriving center of the gold rush in the state. In 1850, it was named Spanish Corral, but the Biblical name Ophir was given to it in honor of its gold-rich placer mining. By the 1852 Gold Rush, Ophir was the hub of local gold mining, and by the end of that year it was the most populated town in the county. However, after the gold rush, Ophir's population decreased dramatically and the town was replanted in vineyards and orchards. In the 1970s, it was once again a thriving agricultural town, and is now a small agricultural community, serving Auburn.

What Is the Population & Steets in Opheir City? Ophir is a small town located in Utah, and there is only one street in Ophir, so you can find your way around by riding your bike or taking the bus. The median home value in Ophir is $155,300, and the average price in Ophir has gone up 6.0% in the past decade. This is an affordable town for those on a budget.