Park Hills, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Park Hills City, Colorado, is a diverse neighborhood located in northeast Denver. The development was planned by Baron Allois Gullaume Engine von Winckler in 1887. At the time, he owned 32 acres of land. This community soon grew with immigrants from other nations and African Americans, as well. Today, this area is still home to a diverse population of people, including both blacks and whites.

As of the 2010 Census, the population of Park Hills, Missouri was 8,707. There are approximately 1,408 males and 1,585 females living in the area. This city's median age is 30. A little bit of information on the city can be found below. Approximately 25.9% of its population works for the government, and the majority of the city's housing units are rented.

The Grantioch Neighborhood is located between Antioch and Grant and spans from 79th Street to 83rd Street. This neighborhood has a population of 1,377 people and 601 residential units. Most of these are single-family homes, but there is a significant number of multi-family units, as well. It is also located near downtown Overland Park and the University of Missouri.

Another important statistic to consider when evaluating the housing affordability of Park Hills is the rent burden. This number shows how much a household spends on rent, and is useful in assessing affordability of housing in the area. While Park Hills' rent burden is higher than the average Missouri city's (29.4%), neighboring communities like Marble Hill and Maplewood have lower rent burdens. Also, a little-known fact about Park Hills is that about 49.0% of its housing units are occupied by renters.