Parkers Lake, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Parkers Lake City is a mix of young and old. A small portion of the population attended college, while the majority of people did not graduate high school. A majority of the population is married, with fifty-one percent of households consisting of married couples. A further twenty-six percent of households consisted of single people, and eight percent were senior citizens living alone. The median age of the population was thirty-two, and there were fewer than 100 residents aged 65 or older.

The median income of the population of Parkers Lake is $26,542 for males and $21,006 for females. The per capita income is $15,016. Ten percent of the population and fourteen percent of families live below the poverty line. There are also significant numbers of senior citizens and underage residents in the town. However, these figures are still far below the national average. For those living in Parkers Lake, it is essential to take note of the following statistics.

In 1855, the town was founded. A railroad line was laid from Parker to the nearby town of Plymouth. The town was named after Antoine LeCounte, a French explorer who first visited the area in 1848. In 1852, LeCounte traded with Native Americans and built a cabin near East Medicine Lake Boulevard and 29th Avenue North. In 1855, the town was incorporated and a gristmill was constructed. In 1910, the Federal government auctioned twelve fifty-foot lots.