Pendleton, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

For more information about the area's history and population, read our article on Pendleton City's population and steets. This article will discuss how the neighborhood's ethnic composition is reflected by the city's residents' occupations. The neighborhood is comprised primarily of residents with German ancestry, with Irish and English roots also represented. Those with Japanese ancestry make up less than one percent of the city's population.

The Pendleton Round-Up attracts large crowds, quadrupling the city's population every September. During this four-day tournament, eight boys and eight girls compete for championships. The tournament's attendance is viewed by civic leaders as the city's second-largest economic boost; in 2010, it attracted 13,000 visitors. The city also hosts a public swimming pool and park, the Pendleton Aquatic Center. Located next to the city's high school, the center includes two tower water slides and three swimming pools.

Pendleton is a small city in the state of Oregon. It is home to more than 42,000 active duty Marines and Sailors. This means that approximately 27% of Pendleton City residents live on the base. Another seventy-three percent of Pendleton residents live off the base. Pendleton is home to many military families, and its population is growing as it supports these families.

The city is a cultural center for the Eastern Oregon region. Its two symphony orchestras perform concerts and other events and hosts a vibrant arts center. In addition, the city's water transmission line was completed around the same time. Pendleton's early history includes many colorful ordinances that dealt with public drunkenness, fighting, and discharging guns within city limits. Several businesses in Pendleton have been revitalized, including the Hamley building, a restoration of an early saddle-making establishment. The Prodigal Son Brewery is a revived tradition of brewing in Pendleton.