Philpot, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're looking to move to Philpot City, KY, or you're thinking of doing so, you may be wondering how safe the city is. The good news is, crime in Philpot is lower than in many surrounding cities. Check out the table below to see how the average crime rate in Philpot compares to other nearby cities. While the city is not quite as safe as some cities, it is safer than the state average and the national average.

The population of Philpot City is categorized according to race. This indicates whether or not the city has a mixture of black and white people. If there were all white or all black neighborhoods, Philpot would not be considered very diverse. However, there are areas of the city that have a mixture of races, and this may be an important factor in determining the diversity in a community. If this is the case, then Philpot has a diverse population.

The band is relatively new and has just formed. Their sound is similar to early versions of Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, and The Doors. Philpot formed in Dugger, N.J., population 955; they have signed a major-label recording contract with Toucan Cove Entertainment, which has a distribution deal with Universal Records. They recorded their 12-song album at Showplace Studios, where legendary musicians like Eric Clapton, Nirvana, and Keith Richards have recorded their albums.