Prestonsburg, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Cliff / Lancer neighborhood of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, is a low-income neighborhood with nearly 38% of children living below the poverty line. That rate is higher than the national average of 24.8%. In contrast, other Prestonsburg neighborhoods experience much lower rates. Most residents live in jobs like managers and clerical support, but this neighborhood is different from the rest. In fact, its median real estate price is $170,854 - significantly higher than the national average of 24.5%.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the arts in this small town. The local Jenny Wiley Theatre presents classical Broadway musicals and comedies, and is close to the Appalachian Center for the Arts. Prestonsburg also boasts the East Kentucky Science Center, which opened in 2004. The museum includes one of the country's most technologically advanced planetariums. This area also has a variety of other attractions for residents to enjoy.

The county's Office of Economic Opportunity is awarding Floyd County $100,000 to help finance planning for a comprehensive health program in the area. The Office of Governor Wendell Ford announced last week that he is seriously considering a moratorium on strip-mining permits in the region. In other news, the 58th district basketball tournament will kick off at the Prestonsburg High School fieldhouse on Wednesday. In the lower bracket, Betsy Layne, McDowell, and Wheelwright are favorites.

The Mayor of Prestonsburg, Dr. George P. Archer, the County Judge Henry Stumbo, and B.F. Reed, a leader in the coal mining industry, are among the notable figures in the community. The county also boasts a number of folkrock musicians, such as Seals and Crofts. Besides the county, the town is also home to the 19-year-old Suzy Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Martin.