Raywick, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following information focuses on the population and steets of Raywick City. In Raywick, Kentucky, the percentage of people who own a car varies by family size. The highest percentage of people owning a car is two. The next most common percentage is false, with 2.27% of the population driving their own car to work. Raywick, KY has a high percentage of car ownership, with 86.4% of households driving alone to work. Only 7.95% used public transportation. To help visualize the percentage of households using different modes of transportation over time, we've created a graph using a logarithmic scale on the y-axis. This scale allows us to better understand the fluctuations in smaller means of transportation.

The median income for residents of Raywick is $625 per month. Approximately 133 people are enrolled in Raywick city schools. A high percentage of these residents are employed, with 71.5% of households employing one full-time worker. About 81% of Raywick city residents have a high school education, and 2% have a bachelor's degree. There are no residents of Raywick who are not American citizens.

The median property value in Raywick, KY is $108,300, which is 0.45 times smaller than the national average. The median property owner in Raywick, KY owns two cars. A homeownership rate of 64.8% means that more people than rent in Raywick. The average commute time is 29.4 minutes and the average car ownership is two. This makes Raywick, KY a good place to live if you're a first-time home buyer.