Russell Springs, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Russell Springs City, Kentucky, is located in Russell County. It is known as the gateway to Lake Cumberland, the largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi River. The Wolf Creek Dam created Lake Cumberland, thereby making it the largest lake east of the Mississippi. In 2015, the population of Russell Springs was 2,511, and the city is located at the start of the Central Time Zone line. All areas of Russell County are within this time zone.

The median income in Russell Springs is $30,925, which is lower than the $65,712 national average. The median household income is $30,925, which is slightly below the national average. Nevertheless, the median income in Russell Springs is lower than that of its neighboring and parent geographies, which suggests that life in Russell Springs is not as good as it could be. The median annual income in Russell Springs is $30,925, which is below the national average. The largest industry in Russell Springs is Manufacturing, followed by Retail Trade and Educational Services. Those industries in Russell Springs pay the highest wages.

The population of Russell Springs City is spread across many areas. It is home to former U.S. Senators Robert Dole and Arlen Spector. The area covers 885 square miles (2291 km2), with only 0.48 percent being water. The median age is 43 years. The gender ratio in Russell Springs City is 63:1 males, and 66.8 percent females.