Saint Helens, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The town of St. Helens is located on the Columbia River in northwest Oregon, approximately 86 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The town is the county seat of Columbia County and is centered at the confluence of the river and Multnomah Channel. The city is about a mile and a half from the river and is home to a railroad freight line and Highway 30. The city was first incorporated as a county borough in 1868 and was later renamed as a metropolitan borough in 1974.

The town was named Plymouth after its founder Henry Knighton, a farmer. The town was briefly known as Kasenau, after a Native American chief who lived near the Multnomah Channel. Kiesno later relocated his village to the Columbia River to establish mutual trade. Casenau Street survived in the center of the city until 1929. Listed below are historical facts about the town.

The population of Saint Helens City was spread out in the 2010 census. There were thirty-nine percent of individuals under the age of 18, twenty-four percent of people between the ages of 25-44, and nine percent of those 65 years and older. The median age of the city was 32 years old. The gender breakdown of residents was 49.8% male, and 50.2% female. The average household size was two adults, with a child in the household.

St Helens has a high crime rate. According to NHS figures, the city was the second most depressing place in the United Kingdom in January. Despite its relatively high crime rate, the city has a rich cultural life, including some great restaurants. During the winter, it is cold and blustery in St Helens. Despite its reputation for a high crime rate, the city is home to many tourists and is a wonderful place to live.