Sanders, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What is the Population & Steets in Sanders? What is the political scene like in Sanders City? The city's establishment was shocked by Sanders' win. Some of the city's top executives, such as Herluf Olsen, the president of the Medical Center Hospital, had campaigned against him and opposed the hospital's expansion. Others, such as Hilton Wick, president of Burlington's largest commercial bank, denied that Sanders was campaigning against them.

The election result in Sanders City was so close that the Democratic Party filed for a recount after the election. This would involve the votes being counted by a board of three city aldermen and three members of the Citizens Party. A representative from each party would watch the recount process. The Democratic Party is reportedly planning to run against Sanders again in two years. The Democratic Party has promised not to run candidates with such promises.

The Citizens Party and Sanders ran parallel campaigns, but did not coordinate. Both parties had the same broad goal: higher pay for city workers and police officers. However, the two candidates did not agree on what policies to focus on. The Citizens Party opposed the resolution on better pay for police officers. Sanders supported the resolution, but the Citizens Party said that it was not his platform. A few other candidates, however, backed the Citizens Party.

On the Democratic side, the Independent Coalition won the majority of seats on the thirteen-member board of aldermen, and only one prospective ally, Richard Sugarman, was elected to the board. In Ward Two, Bouricius beat a Democrat, thereby becoming the first Citizens Party candidate elected to a city board. So what does this mean for the city's future? It's not clear what Sanders' vision of a socialist future is, but it's worth considering.