Seco, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You've probably wondered: what are the Population & Steets in SeCO City? You're not alone! You may be looking for information on the population of this city, a town in Mexico. You've likely come across maps and satellite photos of Seco City and its surroundings. These photos are free to download and can serve as your wallpaper for your computer. Here's a quick snapshot of the population and its neighborhoods.

Seco City is located in Alagoas State, on the coast, near the state capital. It covers a small area of 40.4 km2, corresponding to 0.0026% of the entire state and Region. The city lies on the shores of Lake Mundau and borders the cities of Maceio and Santa Luzia do Norte. The city's population is approximately 2,300 people.

The first townsite was surveyed by H.F. Terry in January 1870. James Barclay issued a patent for the townsite, and lots were named after their previous owners. The townsite map identified the names of Main, College, China, Chilano, and Arkansas Ferry Road. In 1871, the townsite's Main Street merged with Mokelumne Hill Turnpike, which was created by a bond issue and a state law.

Seco City is a place where a lot of people choose to live. Despite its small size, the town is filled with some interesting historical landmarks. The El Valle de Arroyo Seco Specific Plan promises to turn 660 acres into a residential community. The development will be designed to attract LEED certified businesses and green businesses to the area. Joe Linton, the city's mayor, explained the benefits of the plan in a March 2009 article.