Simpsonville, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

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The population of Simpsonville City is a mid-size city located in northwestern South Carolina, near the North Carolina border. The city is located 75 miles south of Charlotte. The area has a moderate climate and is well-known for its clean appearance and educated citizens. The city center is functional and vibrant. The downtown area is lined with trees, adding to the beauty of the area. It has a great shopping scene.

A large section of the city was incorporated in 1889. During that time, the city charter forbade the sale of malt and spirituous liquors to curtail lawlessness and alcohol consumption. The town's roots are traced to the 1830s, when it was formed at the intersection of the Old Stage Road and the Cherokee Indian trail. This road later became Georgia Road. Today, the area still holds remnants of that early history.

The median property value of a home in Simpsonville is $173,400, 0.721 times lower than the national average. The city also boasts a low unemployment rate of 3.6%. It has 45 public schools, 30 private schools and a single charter school. The Brashier Middle College Charter School and Greenville Classical Academy rank high in state test scores, and both boast small class sizes.