South Carrollton, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Listed below are the Population & Steets of South Carrollton City. Each of these numbers can be considered a snapshot of the city's overall demographics. The majority of the residents in South Carrollton identify themselves as white, while the rest are either black or Asian. The remaining population is comprised of 17.8% Hispanics and 2.6% other races. The Census Bureau collects the ancestry data from respondents, and the most common ancestry for residents of South Carrollton is American. The city has a comparatively lower share of African-Americans than it does of European or Irish immigrants.

The estimated population of South Carrollton is 181 people. It is located in the Kentucky state, and Central Daylight Time is six hours behind Coordinated Universal Time. The median property value is $75,800. Seventy-five percent of residents own their homes. Most people in South Carrollton drive alone to work. The average commute time is 35.7 minutes, and a car is owned by almost half of the population.

The median household size in South Carrollton City is 2.8, with an average age of 37.7. The city is primarily white, with a large Hispanic population (32.4%). There is also a significant Asian population, but it is outweighed by the African-American population. Finally, only 0.3% of the residents are Native American or identify as "other."